Top 10 Free Android Games [Updated 2021]

Top 10 Free Android Games
Top 10 Free Android Games

Mobile games improved rapidly in the last few years with the advancement of technology in both gaming and mobile operating system. Mobile Games are a major part of mobile phones right from the very start. We all remember the snake game in Nokia. The snake game was pretty much basic but it is one of the most played mobile games ever. Most successful mobile games are simple with just a basic idea. So here we are sharing the list of Top 10 Free Android games for our readers.

List Of Top 10 Free Android Games 

Clash Royale

Clash Royale follows the footsteps of “Clash of clans” to become one of the best android games. This is also an online based quick combat game with plenty of interesting features for defense and attack. You have to collect card elements and blend towers with them for your defense. You can use these cards to attack the opponent. After releasing a card on the battlefield monsters, witches, fireballs, and knights try to destroy the towers of the opponent and defend your territory at the same time. A single attack will last only three minutes.

Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go went viral and reach 500 million down***loads in only two months of its release. People from all age groups and localities like this outdoor game. It is a GSP based game in which you have to go around town to capture more Pokemon’s. There are places called poke gym and poke stop which you can capture by assigning your pokemon to it. The main attraction is Pokemon training in fighting for supremacy. Its hype wore off within few months of release but still, Pokemon Go is one game to remember forever. So must try Pokemon Go.


Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a beautiful endless snowboarding game. You are on a snowboard running down the slope with a person pursuing you. You have to dodge hurdles, rocks to maintain the moment to avoid being caught. You can earn points by doing backflips. The graphics and music of Alto’s adventure are awesome. You might say that the game is similar to many other games. But uniqueness in graphics and game experience makes Alto adventure superior to others.

Rodeo Stampede The Sky Zoo Safari

As Depicted from its name It’s a rodeo game in which you have to ride various sprinting, bucking, and flying for the longest distance or time. This challenging never ending game is addictive. You can leap from one animal to another to keep the game exciting. But jumping from one animal to another is not an easy task which makes it more interesting. You can tame animals and add them to your collection to make a floating zoo. This game is unique and gives you a good sensation. Our team recommends trying it once at least.


Futurama is a color matching game just like candy crush saga. Futurama is as addictive as its other counterparts. In this game, you will also find interesting news as you progress in the game. The game circles around matching drones. You have to match enough drones to fight Momazon the owner of your rival evil company head to head.

Does not Commute

This game is simply one of the best driving games our team came across. This game is a combination of a puzzle and a car driving game. At the start, you just have to drive between two points. As the game progresses and new cars unfolding. You just have to avoid every single car you drove in this game. This will make it harder and harder and never ending time travel. Every crash will become a roadblock and you have to cleverly pass the mayhem created by your own self. Points and rewards are for careful driving and skills with which you avoid other cars and roadblocks.

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is a first person shooting game by Gameloft. This series of games is one of the most popular shooting games for android users ever since their release. Graphics of this game is really amazing with action movie like scenario as a playground. You can play this game as a single player. In single-player mode, you can complete tasks of overcoming opponents to earn rewards and experience. Then you can use this experience and rewards in multiplayer game mode. This game is totally free of cost and more and more players are attracting to it because of multi player mode.

Basketball Stars

Basketball is one of the most viewed sports in America. For android users, basketball stars game give them an opportunity to enjoy the same experience as they are playing original basketball on the court. The graphics and gameplay are close to reality. You can challenge your friends for a head-to-head match or a shootout any time with basketballs. You will get access to new beautiful courts, special types of basketballs, and many more unique gadgets as you play the game and emerge through the ranks. For sure this is one of the best games in the Top 10 Free Android Games.

Fallout Shelter

The basic concept of the game circle around a real life scenario of a nuclear war creating destruction on such a massive level that the whole world is on the verge of end. The gameplay is about your own little vault management during such an apocalypse. The game offers you a bare bone structure at the start which you can develop with provided resources. You have to attract as many survivors as you can into your vault and manage their life properly. Your best job is to gather resources by sending people out and weighing the risk and reward. Throughout this process, you have to keep everyone happy.

Star Wars Uprising

In Star wars uprising the main job of the player is to bring the fight back to the empire. You can create your own character and choose its species, gadgets, and abilities. During your raising period as the leader of rebels, you can come across many battles to win more gadgets and levels cap even new planets.

I hope you like all the games listed in this top 10 best Android games. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite Android game.


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