Best Apps and Games for Android 2021

Best Apps and Games for Android
Best Apps and Games for Android

Best Apps and Games for Android – This is the perfect platform for the one looking for the best free android games. Here we share a large list of top android games you can down**load for free. We will update this list every now and then to add more interesting free android games. These are some cool android games on the list.

So here is the list of games for android.

1 Super Mario Run

Super Mario is finally released for android users after 4 months of its iOs release. Super Mario is developed by Nintendo. This is an endless runner game with the coolest characters. You can down**oad and play the first world of Super Mario for free.

The game controls on the touch screen feel the same as you played it on its pioneering consoles. The old plants, green pipes and other features remain the same. The game works similarly to its ancestors. Mario will run automatically and you can tap the screen to score more points by collecting coins, killing enemies, and discover secret places.

Premium players who cleared all six levels can also try Toad rally. In a toad rally, you can compete with other players to beat their best time to win the support of Toads. You can also customize the mushroom kingdom.

The auto-running of super Mario is fast. It certainly took some time to adjust to it. The other bad expect is running out of pleasure with only one free world to play with. We hope that Nintendo releases all its features for free.

Rabbids Crazy Rush

With Rabbids crazy rush Ubisoft makes its android games debut. This is also a free runner game with a different attitude and some unique mechanics.

The main difference between Rabbids Crazy Rush and other runner games is objective-based missions. The graphics are excellent. You have to play different levels with different environments to achieve objectives. The game runs smoothly on android devices. You can unlock costumes as you developed as a player. These costumes have their own unique power like jumping twice from a normal jump or gaining more points.

This game is a must-have game for Endless Runners games addicts.


Fire Emblem Heroes is a game one on one battle game in which you have to manage your squad of heroes. You have to use your strategies to manage your Squad of Heroes. You have to control the moves in battles with your fingers to exploit the weakness of your opponent. This is by far the best Nintendo game for android users.

Good mechanics, Iconic characters, animation, and colors make this game a hit. Every campaign involves a fight with evil characters summoned into your world by a sorceress. You have to fight your way through the missions to fight the iconic figure in question to complete a course.

The most appealing part of the game is recruiting heroes. You have to spend the orbs you earned to recruit heroes from the Fire Emblem universe. You can also obtain more orbs by completing missions.

Building your squad, looking for orbs, and getting your favorite hero is a hard task. Overall this game is fun for short periods and boredom kicks in in long term.

Rouge Life

This game is a Top-down shooter and an endless runner with an amazing touch of role-playing at the same time. One of the best things about Rouge life is its visuals. Your team consists of three characters with unique styles mainly and Viking, Knight, and mage.

The best part of the game is the combat stages. You have to play it by sliding your finger at the bottom of your screen. Attacks of enemies are precise and swift. You have to constantly strategize your moments during attacks. You can also customize your heroes between stages.

Earlier levels are easy to play and health packets are quite abundant. The voice is also irritating and gibberish. You can always shut it down. You can also play your own music. Overall this game is recommended for its unique combo of an endless runner, top-down shooter, and RPG.


Hocus is basically a puzzle game. It involves a red and a map. The basics are simple as moving the red cube to a specific point in the map. It sounds easy but Hocus makes it interesting with every level offering a new set of hurdles. Every level also makes you question the moves you used in previous ones. All this keeps your interest in the game. This game is sharp and addictive. The main attraction is not the concrete solution to a given problem. So every problem makes you think outside the box.

Unnatural shapes which are defying the laws of physics will surely make it more interesting. Limited levels are offered with the free version of Hocus which is really a turn-off. But overall this game is recommended for its unique puzzle experience.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA mobile game is not as cool as its other siblings in terms of gameplay. But FIFA mobile surely makes it mark. The graphics of the gameplay is pretty much similar to FIFA 08 but the crowd looks blurry pixilated chunk. You can challenge other players for a short, breezy match from the main menu.

You will earn endless play cards to train and develop your team. Touch controls are sometimes rocky. Autoplay can be pretty aggressive at times. The updates are quite often with improved gameplay.

Overall the FIFA mobile game lacks some features but it’s good enough for football fans to kill extra time.


EGG INC is the best game for you if the thought of starting a farm ever came to your mind. Yes, Egg Inc is a chicken farm Game. In this game, you have given a basic set of chickens and a small farm to start with. You have to escort chickens to the hatchery where they lay eggs. You can sell these eggs to buy resources and earn money. You can use this money to upgrade your farm for more chickens.

The gameplay is easy. You just have to tap your screen to swamp them. Try Cookie clicker and Simpsons tapped out if you like Egg inc. This is a nice game for constructive thinkers to repeat. It also gives you a sense of progression. There comes a threshold point where you have to choose between keeping the same farm for lower earning points or to restart again and earn more.

Random gifts are quite often which allows you to avoid In-app purchases. Sometimes you can only sit and watch makes the game less interesting. Egg inc like other tapping games is better suited to large screen android phones or tablets. Overall this game is good for people who want to see something progressing in their lives.

Target Acquired

Target Acquire gives you a chance to fit in the shoes of quirky natured Japanese police Catgirl. The scenario of the game starts in a city of Catgirls named Nekomipolis. You are Playing Target acquired as Yura Enders to hunt down a small mouse bot Cammy. Cammy is total evil who likes to take control of bigger robots to create a mess.

The fast paced gameplay requires skills and precision. This game is an endless runner with side scrolling shooter combination. More and more weapons and gears are available after you complete a session. You can modify gear and skills to your own liking. Attacks are mostly straightforward with only a few options to be successful which is really a turnoff. You can also feel cornered by attacks of the enemy. Unpredictable speed makes it really tough to pass certain obstacles. They update the game regularly to make room for better gameplay.

Overall it’s a diamond in the rough in the endless runner genre.  

Madden Mobile

Madden Mobile game is for NFL lovers. It allows you to choose your favorite team to play. Madden Mobile also allows you to create your dream NFL team with players of your choice. Few shortcomings are short quarters and the requirement of an internet connection to play the game.

Yet this game gives you features like leveling up to gain more skills than another player. Leveling up feature helps long-term players to create their unbeatable dream team. The gameplay and graphics are good to go. So NFL down**loads Madden mobile to enjoy this unique NFL android game.


Agar IO

The concept of the game is simple yet addictive. In Argo IO you are given a small cell to start with. You have to eat other cells to grow. The interesting part Is that the game is online and others can eat you too. So you have to survive through all this.

Overall a good game to pass your time.


Cooking Fever

Cooking fever is a restaurant management game. The gameplay is easy and addictive. You have to upgrade the design of the restaurant to attract customers as you grow and earn more money.

This game offers you 400 levels. All levels are unique with a combination of a different set of problems to solve. You can enjoy this game for free.

Subway Surfer

Subway surfer is developed by kilos. Gameplay is fairly easy. This is also a never ending free runner. You have to jump, slide under and change sidestep to avoid crashing straight into obstacles and a man running behind you to catch you.

Graphics are awesome with good HD resolution. You can also ride different types of hoverboard and jets. The speed of the game increases as you go far without crashing. The aim is to score as high as possible before crashing. Kiloo adds new locations on every update to keep the game interesting.

Kindly comment on your favorite game in the comments. You can down**load all these games directly from Play Store.